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How they do it


Focus on culture in your football program.

We have spoken with head coaches across the country. The smartest guys we’ve heard from have repeated a key mantra: you have to focus on your culture. 

Some of these coaches serve on our Convening Panels, a group of about 15 guys we have lined up in each of our markets.  They help us build our Topical Agendas, and curate some of the best speakers from the football community.

Head Coach Rodney McCurry serves on our Convening Panel in Seattle. He is the head coach at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way, Washington.

Coach McCurry’s Titans are the focus of this installment of our series titled “How they do it.” Coach has made culture a key element of his program, helping to successfully raise young men ready for life as well as game day.

Our “How they do it” series goes on to the practice field with programs, into the weight room, and joins team meetings to see how they answer key questions all programs face. These include managing contact, using the off season, practicing special teams, developing leadership, and other issues you’ll learn about in these episodes

You can see our initial episode featuring the Bishop Blanchet HS Bears here

Keep an eye out for more episodes through the fall ahead of our 2024 Playbook Clinics.