Check back for the 2025 Playbook Clinic dates

What to expect from our AGENDA


A Playbook Clinic experience is different.

We know what makes a good clinic because we are football coaches ourselves.

We’ve been in the room with the coach that goes on too long about himself, or the one who talks about his 6′-8″, 340 lb offensive linemen.

Some things work at a clinic and some don’t. So, we ask over 200 coaches on our Convening Panels across 15 markets to tell us what they think would work for our clinics.

We’ve created sessions and formats that reflect exactly what coaches tell us they want.  

 When you look at one of our Topical Agendas, you’ll see a lot of color. You’ll see some titles are repeated. 

It all means something. So, let me explain. 

Our two types of green colored topics are our Deep Dive sessions. We have two types of sessions we’ve heard you want. 

  1. Film Room: A coach will break down a key drive, showing us how he thinks about calling each play and why. It’s like being in a staff room when you’re breaking down your film.
  2. In Depth: These sessions last two periods so you can get deeper into the conversation. These have presentations followed by discussions so the audience can plan on engagement.

Next, you’ll see a yellow column for X’s and a red column for O’s. Some of these will be panels and some will be presented by individuals.

  • Our X’s sessions focus on topics for Offense, with some Special Teams.
  • Our O’s sessions tee up Defense sessions, and a few additional topics on Special Teams.

You’ll also notice some of the sessions aren’t the same yellow or the same red. These are our “Chalk Talk” sessions.

  • Chalk Talks are unique sessions only for the position group coaches listed. Some Chalk Talks are Offense sessions and some are for Defense sessions. These periods will have no formal agenda. Rather, they will be facilitated discussions with your peers at work coaching the same position.

Next on the agenda you will see we have both individual presentations and panel discussions on two key topics.

  • Program Development: These topics are on everything but the X’s and O’s when it comes to building a program.
  • Culture: These topics range from leadership to mental health, and can span well beyond the game, the locker room or the program.

In short, we have a lot going on in just one agenda — both in terms of content but also in terms of structure.

Finally, one additional note. 

All of our sessions will require the speakers go to audience questions after no more than 30 minutes.

We have lots of experts in the room, both at the podium and in the audience. So, we want to make sure all of those experts are engaged in the conversation.

By ensuring audience engagement and discussion in each session, we think we’ll create more opportunities for networking, for learning, and for a great clinic experience.